Make a bronze plan work like gold!

The InPocket Plan is secondary insurance that fills the holes in your primary insurance.

Most ACA health insurance plans (also known as Affordable Care Act or Obamacare plans) leave you with over $6,000 in out of pocket costs. Bronze plans have a maximum out of pocket of over $9,000!

The InPocket Plan helps you keep more of that money IN your pocket! It is a secondary insurance plan that works alongside your primary plan to fill in the expenses that you are left to pay. It’s like having a gift card that will pay your provider once your ACA Major Medical Plan has covered and approved the charge. Click here to see how it works

Why you need the InPocket Plan

Your ACA Major Medical Plan provides good coverage on the high-end dollars, but you may still be responsible for paying over $9,000 per year if you have a common medical issue. For example:

  • The average cost of a heart attack is over $87k (Source)
  • The average cost of maternity is $18k (Source)
  • The average cost of knee replacement surgery is over $29K (Source)
  • The average cost of hip replacement surgery is over $31k (Source)

Guaranteed Issue

No health questions

Family Coverage

Buy for yourself or the whole family

Enroll Anytime

Not limited to ACA open enrollment

Other Key Features

Pre-Existing conditions covered • No waiting period • Free telehealth consulting

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Plan Features

  • Guaranteed issue (no health questions)
  • Pre-existing conditions covered
  • Enroll anytime (with an easy 4-step process)
  • No waiting period
  • Telemedicine included ($0 Copay)
  • Provider files the claims
  • Calendar year benefits (deductible and benefit reset every January 1st)
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Common Questions

Learn more about payment methods, compatible ACA Major Medical Plan, coverage periods, and other commonly asked questions. View FAQ